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                    Domestic professional manufacturer of turning roll, welding manipulator, positioner and automatic welding center
                    Sales hotline:Mr Tang 13182098269
                    Turning roll
                    ?  ZT series self-adjusted turning roll
                    ?  KT series adjustable turning roll
                    ?  Anti-floating turning roll
                    ?  Assembled turning roll
                    ?  Hydraulic fit-up turning roll
                    ?  Turning roll for sand blasting and painting
                    ?  Non-standard welding turning roll
                    ?  High-tonnage turning rolls
                    ?  Exported turning rolls
                    Welding manipulator
                    ?  HB/ZHB positioner
                    ?  SHB series positioner
                    ?  HBS series double-bed positioner
                    ?  THB series head-tail positioner
                    ?  SB series double-column lifting positioner
                    ?  HZT rotating table
                    Automatic welding center
                    Address: Wuxi Xinwu District
                    Contact: Tang Hualing
                    ABOUT HOME ? ABOUT
                    WuXi Zuoshan WHEEL Frame Welding Manufacturing Co.Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Wuxi Zuoshan” or the “company”) is a domestic professional manufacturer of turning roll, welding manipulator, positioner and automatic welding center and a leader in domestic industry of turning roll, welding manipulator, positioner and automatic welding center, which is specialized in research, development, manufacturing and sales of turning roll, welding manipulator, positioner, edge milling machine and automatic welding center. The products are widely used in engineering machinery, petrochemical, rail transit, mining machinery, shipbuilding, aviation, military and other fields of high-end equipment manufacturing and industries important for national economy.
                    After years of development, Wuxi Zuoshan has formed a complete industry chain integrated of design, R&D, process engineering, product unit, complete equipment, automatic production line and after-sale services, and has become an enterprise with strong competitive advantages in technology, brand, talent, service, quality control, project experience and major national projects of technology development in the field of welding automation.
                    The company makes full use of domestic high-level advanced experimental facilities to assure the technological leading position of Zuoshan products and form significant competitive edge, and deals with all series and specifications of turning roll, welding manipulator, positioner and automatic welding center. In addition, the company has established branch offices across the country, and owns a countrywide sales network to provide quality products and services for users at all times and places.
                    Wuxi Zuoshan follows the business philosophy of “Pragmatism, efficiency, diligence, sincerity and cooperation”, endeavors to build the competitive edge of “Optimal product performance/cost and longest mean time between failures”, and gives top priority to “building and enhancing executive capacity and improving overall quality of teams” to develop its fundamental and core competence, ensure leading practicability and reliability and create values for customers! 

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                    Address:Wuxi Xinwu District Mobile:13182098269  
                    TEL:0510-85361050 FAX:0510-85361095 Http://www.homegdecor.com E-mail:zs@worldthl.com
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